My New Lenovo G700 17 Inch Laptop Review

By Paul Crowe Tuesday, October 7, 2014
I don't intend on doing many laptop reviews or reviews in general but just a few weeks ago I bought the Lenovo G700 Pentium Laptop.The laptop has a great 17 Inch screen which is perfect for me as I have no intention of using the laptop on the go.The G700 with this large screen size really is a desktop replacement rather than an on the go laptop.

I was also looking for great performance which is provided with the Intel Pentium G2020 dual core processor, 2.4GHz, 6GB RAM, 2.4GHz processor speed and 1000GB SATA hard drive.All at a good price, I got it on offer for €440 which works out at around $564 or £352.

Below I will run through some of the key points of the laptop that are important for me and hopefully you too.

Windows 8 - After having the laptop for four months it has lived up to all my expectations.It's the first laptop I have bought with Windows 8 (It has Windows 8.1) and to be honest it's so much easier to get used to than some had made out in reviews I had read before buying.It does not have touch screen but for the life of me I can't see why I would want that maybe you have a different opinion ?

Speed - The speed is fantastic the laptop starts up in less than 30 seconds and I have noticed no lag even in heavy use.I'm someone that will have 15+ tabs open at times but yet I can see no effect whatsoever.

Screen - The screen is the biggest I have had on a laptop and I love it.The extra size will be very popular with gamers and those who use their laptop to watch Netflix or other TV online.I'm a big fan of Sky Go which we have here to watch TV on demand and Live the extra screen size really improves that experience.

Keyboard - The keys are well spaced and beveled for easy typing which was a key point for me.The F keys have volume control and screen brightness as main functions and although I don't use it you have the separate number keys section on the right.

Touchpad - I have had no problems with the touchpad the size is as expected and somewhat coarse which helps so nothing to report here really.

Battery Life - For normal use you will get a serious amount of time from the battery.When charged then plugged out a hover over the battery icon will show over 10 hours life.I have not yet needed this or tested just how long it powered off the battery.However when streaming TV I have got  over 4 hours from the battery.So a very Strong battery especially considering with the size of the Lenovo G700 it's not really an "on the go" laptop.

Side Ports - On the left you have the power input along with a D-SUB or VGA Port, HDMI port and Ethernet port.On the right you will find the two USB ports.

DVD Drive - Next to the two USB ports on the right we mentioned above is the DVD drive which also has a DVD rewriter.

A very quiet and light for it's size laptop that won't break the bank.While my area of expertise is not hardware I have no problem recommending the Lenovo G700.

As I said at the start of the post I bought this laptop with my own money so this review is no way connected to Lenovo or their distributors, just telling you what I thought about something I bought (I can rhyme as well).

What do you think have you bought this laptop or an other Lenovo product ?
Paul Crowe

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