How Accurate Is The Clock On Your Computer Or Phone ?

By Paul Crowe Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Are you a stickler for accuracy ? What if I told you the clock on your computer or phone or tablet or iPad or iPod or microwave (OK not microwave) could be wrong by up to seconds ! If your like me you will be devastated, not really I couldn't care less but there is a way to instantly check your computers clock against the atomic clock "the most accurate time source in the world" wow.

In old time London the majority of people did not have a way to tell time so some souls worked as kinda time tellers (looked up the actual name and couldn't find it).You would pay them a small sum and they would let you know what time it was.Anyway here is how to check your computers clock against the atomic clock, mine was a full 3.4 seconds out as you can see.

Check your computer clock

(BTW if you landed here looking for how to change the time on your computer simply Right Click on the clock to find the settings)

Check Your Computer Against The Atomic Clock

'Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!' - Well it's quiet simple, the website Time.Is does all the work for you. So click this link to got to and you will get a result like my image above.

It will open in a new window so make sure to come back and leave a comment telling us what you think, or how we wasted your time finding out the real time.

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