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By Paul Crowe Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Without changing your security settings on Facebook everything you post be it a status, photo or video is available to view by almost anyone.Many like to limit who can view their posts in general by changing the settings but you can also be selective with each individual status you post.If you want your latest status to only be seen by certain friends you can indeed select who can and cannot view the status in question.

How To Select Which Friends See A Facebook Status ?

When you have your status ready to publish You will see the button with "Public" in the bottom right first click this button to open a drop down then "More Options" :

Once you click "More Options" you will see this list :

You have a number of options (Click custom for some of these options) :

Select "Only Me" - so you are the only one that can see the status (Not sure why you would want this).

Select a group of friends that can see the status - This works if you have used already added some of your friends to groups.You can also use this option to share your status with for example work or school friends which will already be grouped for you.

Family - Basically only your family members will see the status , you will need to have confirmed people as family members previously.

Your Area - This sets the status to be only seen bu people living in your local area, useful I guess to share local events etc..

Simply select individual friends you Do want to see the status - This is the same process as tagging friends, type in the friends you want to see the status.

Select the friends you Don't want to see the post - The same as the last option but this time tagging the friends you want to block the status from.

It's simple to stay in control of what you post on Facebook once you know how.
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  1. I knew I had some options for who can see a status but I love the group feature it makes it much easier.