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We all love games and especially love to challenge our friends. For me quiz games are great but it can be discover the best quiz games so in this post I will list three quiz games I'm always playing with friends on Facebook.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack lets you challenge each friend in head to head quizes or play a 12 question quickfire quiz you can invite as many friends as you like to play. The game breaks the questions into six categories Geography, Science, Sport, Entertainmant, History and Art. The questions in general are not too hard and players can even submit their own questions to be added to the game. Play Trivia Crack On Facebook.


Superbuzzer is a more fun animated layout where you can play with other random Facebook users, your friends or a mixture of both. The game has three rounds starting with 6 players this is cut to four after five questions, then the four are cut to two finalists. The one critizism of the game is how few lives players get and the time having to wait before getting new lives. Play Superbuzzer On Facebook.


Wazza Sound is a music quiz in the same style as Superbuzzer but this time instead of questions you hear clips of music and you are asked either the Song Title or the Artist. A really fun fast paced game again you can play against friends or other Facebook users. Don't worry if your general music prowess is not the best you can choose different genres such as Pop, Rock, Country or music from specific decades. Play WazzaSound On Facebook.

So that's three great Facebook Quiz Games, All have apps that can be downloaded for Android or IOS. Do you know a game that should be in the list if so let us know in the comments.

3 Facebook Quiz Games You Can Play With Friends

By Paul Crowe → Tuesday, July 12, 2016
The Titanic is the most famous ocean liner in history, for all the wrong reasons. Already an often told story when James Cameron released the film Titanic in 1997 it catapulted the Belfast built ship into the conscience of another generation. The film came just 15 years before the 100 year anniversary of the sinking, amazingly survivor Millvina Dean who was just two months old when she borded the Titanic lived to see the film (Millvina passed away in 2012).

But even though it's less than 20 years since the film a lot of what we know about the tragedy has changed. Now for the first time thanks to Titanic Honor And Glory you can see the events in real time. With amazing graphics they have recreated the night starting just before the ship struck an Iceberg at 11:40 PM on the 14th April 1912. The video covers the 2 hours 40 minutes it took for the "Unsinkable" ship to go down taking over 1500 passengers and crew with her.

Video: Ever Wanted To See The Titanic Sinking In Real Time ?

By Paul Crowe → Sunday, July 10, 2016
To coincide with March Madness (A collage basket ball series in America) Facebook messenger added a basketball game but you have to find it. To challenge your friends on messenger simply send a friend a Basketball emoji once they click on the emoji the messenger Basketball game will start, Sweet.

Play Hidden Basketball Game On FB Messenger

By Paul Crowe → Monday, July 4, 2016
Instant System Details Online: IP, Screen Resolution
Want to know you IP Address or Operating system ? How about your Screen resolution or Plugins your running ? You can go through steps to look up these system details or you can get them instantly online.We have two tools lined today up that can do the job for you. All you have to do is visit either or both of the webpages and all your computer system details will be laid out before you.

Instant System Details

The two sites that can display your system details are Computer Hope and Support Details. Computer hope does give some more info but why not check them both out :

Instant System Details Online: IP, Screen Resolution And More

By Paul Crowe → Wednesday, February 25, 2015
YouTube Clock Logo
Sick of the beeping alarm clock in the morning ? Then why not get awoken by your favorite video on YouTube. Have your favorite song playing or something more relaxing, science can help as a study showed the most relaxing song ever to be Weightless By Marconi Union.

Use A YouTube Video As Your Alarm Clock

By Paul Crowe → Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Youtube stopwatch logo
Ever wanted to share just a piece of a YouTube video like one part in a compilation video ? You can easily achieve this by adding a string to the end of the URL, or if that's too much hassle to remember there is an online tool you can use.

Yep so if for example you wanted to link to a video but say four minutes ten seconds in you would add &t=4m10s to the end of the URL.

So you would turn this :

Into This :

The alternative tool is a tool called YouTube Time you can visit the site here : Enter the URL of the video and choose the time you want the video to start at and get the link.

Now you know, let us know what you think in the comments.

Link To Exact Time On YouTube Video Online Tool

By Paul Crowe → Saturday, February 14, 2015
Print Designed Sheets Of Paper Free
Need some lined paper for a school project or work ? How about some music paper without having to go to the stationary shop ?

You can just print and use the paper online and it's free. There are hundreds of types of paper to print and use, all downloads are PDF and easy to print. Other examples are Basketball and other sports score sheets, Budget sheets, Grade Book sheets and various letter templates.

While all the downloads are free for some if you want a copy that you can edit before printing there may be a small charge. Here's how to get yours :

Print Designed Paper For Free - Lined, Graph, Music, Finance And More

By Paul Crowe → Friday, February 13, 2015
Are you a stickler for accuracy ? What if I told you the clock on your computer or phone or tablet or iPad or iPod or microwave (OK not microwave) could be wrong by up to seconds ! If your like me you will be devastated, not really I couldn't care less but there is a way to instantly check your computers clock against the atomic clock "the most accurate time source in the world" wow.

In old time London the majority of people did not have a way to tell time so some souls worked as kinda time tellers (looked up the actual name and couldn't find it).You would pay them a small sum and they would let you know what time it was.Anyway here is how to check your computers clock against the atomic clock, mine was a full 3.4 seconds out as you can see.

Check your computer clock

(BTW if you landed here looking for how to change the time on your computer simply Right Click on the clock to find the settings)

Check Your Computer Against The Atomic Clock

How Accurate Is The Clock On Your Computer Or Phone ?

By Paul Crowe → Wednesday, February 11, 2015
YouTube hand drawn sign logo
On a Documentary Site I'm involved with we embed videos mainly from YouTube but something was really annoying me, those darn annotations ! Now I don't mind a simple annotation in the corner we can click to subscribe or at the end of a videos if some other videos from the channel are showcased. But more and more I find videos plastered with annotations and it absolutely ruins the viewing experience.You try to click the little X to remove an annotation but click the box instead or as you close one another appears arghhh.

So I wanted the viewing experience on Documentary Fans to be annotation free and I found the way to achieve that goal.By adding a small tag to the embed code annotations are disabled and here is how to do it.

Turn Off Annotations YouTube Embed Videos


Disable Annotations On Embedded YouTube Videos

By Paul Crowe → Saturday, February 7, 2015
Atari 8 Bit Logo
Want to see something cool, well kinda cool and it wastes some time. Google have lots of hidden tricks in their search pages and in the Google image search there is a hidden classic game.Let's see how to uncover the game and play :

Google Trick : Play Hidden Atari Game On Google Images

By Paul Crowe → Wednesday, February 4, 2015