How To Reverse A YouTube Playlist

By Paul Crowe Tuesday, September 2, 2014
There have been a few times I have popped up a playlist on YouTube only to discover it's set to play backwards.This always happens on auto populated YouTube playlists which is very frustrating.Even more frustrating is the fact we have no option on YouTube to reverse a playlist and make it play from back to front.In this post I have however a fix that will allow you to reverse the order any playlist on YouTube is played.

This fix I'm afraid has a few limitations, well one limitation really and that's that it will only work on the Google Chrome browser. Not too much of an inconvenience Chrome is a great browser and can be quickly downloaded.

How To Invert A YouTube Playlist

1. Follow this link to the Reverse YouTube Playlist Page in the Chrome Store.

2. Click the download button in the top right to install.

3. Now when you open a playlist in YouTube you will see two arrows in the top right beside the autoplay and random buttons.Click the arrows to reverse the order.

A great add-on for Chrome although it is a pity YouTube have not built in this option for this especially with all auto populated playlists playing from back to front.Let us know what you think in the comments.

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6 comments to ''How To Reverse A YouTube Playlist"

  1. lots of people are commenting that it doesnt work in fullscreen

    1. Yeah I have noticed it does not work perfectly when on full screen but it's the best option we have so far.

    2. Youtube tends to disable anything going on in the webpage once you're in fullscreen. That is why the page is still on the original video before going fullscreen and will automatically load it when fullscreen is disabled.
      Most addons only seem to be able to mod youtube while viewing videos from the page.

  2. Yes finally I found the way ! I have been searching for hours without any luck thanks for the information guys.