3 Facebook Quiz Games You Can Play With Friends

By Paul Crowe Tuesday, July 12, 2016
We all love games and especially love to challenge our friends. For me quiz games are great but it can be discover the best quiz games so in this post I will list three quiz games I'm always playing with friends on Facebook.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack lets you challenge each friend in head to head quizes or play a 12 question quickfire quiz you can invite as many friends as you like to play. The game breaks the questions into six categories Geography, Science, Sport, Entertainmant, History and Art. The questions in general are not too hard and players can even submit their own questions to be added to the game. Play Trivia Crack On Facebook.


Superbuzzer is a more fun animated layout where you can play with other random Facebook users, your friends or a mixture of both. The game has three rounds starting with 6 players this is cut to four after five questions, then the four are cut to two finalists. The one critizism of the game is how few lives players get and the time having to wait before getting new lives. Play Superbuzzer On Facebook.


Wazza Sound is a music quiz in the same style as Superbuzzer but this time instead of questions you hear clips of music and you are asked either the Song Title or the Artist. A really fun fast paced game again you can play against friends or other Facebook users. Don't worry if your general music prowess is not the best you can choose different genres such as Pop, Rock, Country or music from specific decades. Play WazzaSound On Facebook.

So that's three great Facebook Quiz Games, All have apps that can be downloaded for Android or IOS. Do you know a game that should be in the list if so let us know in the comments.
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