SnapChat Like Send Self Destruct Photos On iPhone

By Paul Crowe Thursday, December 18, 2014
"This message will self destruct..." was a message heard weekly on the Mission Impossible TV show.Apple are now giving you the option to send photos via iMessage that will vanish two minutes after being delivered.Taken a leaf from the Snapchat book were photos delete after a few seconds Apple know some photos are best forgotten never to come back and haunt you.So here is how it's done :

Send Self Destruct iPhone Photo - When sending an iMessage press and hold the camera icon which will generate the camera app.Now any video or photo you send will self destruct after just two minutes.So enough time for your mate to see the photo/video but not enough to use it against you in the future !

Have you used this iPhone feature or have you any other useful iPhone tips we should know ? Let us know in the comments.

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