Every Image Size For Facebook Profiles And Pages

By Paul Crowe Monday, January 12, 2015
Facebook have made many changes to the layout of profiles and pages over the years.When I first joined Facebook there was no newsfeed (I think I can remember a group was started to remove the newsfeed, people were against it), No Like pages just groups and very bare profiles.Now of course Facebook spent endless time and money making sure to have every detail of the design perfect, they don't want to be the next MySpace 200 million users today gone tomorrow.

So if you struggle to keep up with just what the dimensions are for all the images on your Facebook profile or Pages I have found a neat infographic that gives a run down of everything from your profile picture to how your photos thumbnails are sized and the size images you share on your timeline are displayed.The infographic is from Jon Loomer and we give a link to his site below the image.So here it is also show is the sizes images will be shown on Mobile devices like phones and tablets which would be a great help for those that run business pages.

All Facebook Image Sizes
Courtesy of: JonLoomer.com
So here it is never be in the dark again when it comes to knowing photo and image sizes as you craft the perfect profile page (and then fill it with lies :) ).

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