How To Open RAR Files Online No Download

By Paul Crowe Tuesday, January 6, 2015
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Compressed files can be housed in a number of formats with ZIP files being the most popular. RAR files are another popular compressed files format but while your computer will have a built in way to extract or unzip Zip files this is not the case for RAR files.

On our Free Blogger Template site we share templates using ZIP files, but many templates that are sent to us use  RAR. We we know our users are used to ZIP so we want to quickly extract the RAR in the quickest way.

I remember previously having a tool downloaded called RAR Frog but there is no need to download anything we now use a tool called B1 and it only takes seconds.With B1 you simply visit the website and follow a few steps then have the uncompressed file presented to you here are the steps :

Uncompress RAR Files

1. Go to the B1 Uncompress website

2. Upload your file no matter what format using the large button :

How To Open RAR Files Online No Download

3. Choose the files you want to extract and the uncompress process will start, after a few seconds your uncompress files will be presented.

4. You can now click on your uncompressed files and use the download icon to grab the ready files.

This really is just an easy quick way to do a job that can be time consuming.On our template site this has been a great help and I know people don't like downloading software to their PCs which is clever.Do let us know what you think in the comments.
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