Open Google Search Results In New Window By Default

By Paul Crowe Monday, February 2, 2015
Did you know you can set Google search results to open in a new window or tab by default ? No ? Either did I until I found it by accident while looking for something completely different.

This works just the same as on many websites that use a tag in links (target="_blank") to make them open in a new window so you don't leave their site.On Google by default your search results when clicked go straight through to the website in the same window.

Open Search Results Google New Window Default

1. Go To This will bring you to your search options page.

2. If you scroll down the Google search options page the 4th setting you will see is "Where results open" tick the box beside this and make sure to click save as shown below.

Open Google search results new window default setting

That's it now Google search result links will always open in a new window. Moreover this setting will be used wherever your logged in to your Google account.

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